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We want to be your best option


At Arquia, we invest our effort in managing assets and providing financing solutions for professionals, companies and individuals. Our experience with architects and, now also, with lawyers enables us to provide a personalised and specialised service to collectives.

You will find your space at Arquia, whichever your business activity.

Self-employed workers

We take care of our professionals by offering specifically-designed, tailor-made products.

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Retail Banking

Your trust is our greatest satisfaction in moving forward.

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We have a global offer that covers all the needs of large asset bases.

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Financing and saving solutions aimed at advancing the development of your company.

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Get to know us a bit more

Our customers' loyalty validates us.

Arquia Foundation

Our crown jewel, we care for culture and society.

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Learn about our experience with architects and lawyers.

To our specialisation in the collective of architects we have now added a legal specialisation after acquiring the Caja Abogados network from Bantierra. As a result, we have improved our distinctive banking model for professionals and companies, specialising in large asset bases and managing the financing needs of these collectives.

Arquia Banca has effectively acquired Caja Abogados inJanuary 2018. However, the technological integration will take place a year later, which is when we will unify the service offer and the customers of Caja Abogados will be able to operate through all Arquia Banca's channels.

This unification will help our aim of continuing to grow as a banking institution specialising in products for professionals.


Financing for a new project

When a self-employed worker is considering growing and developing professionally, financing becomes an essential tool towards achieving stability. If you would like any information about the possible alternatives and which is the most suitable solution for your business activity, we will provide you with detailed information and advise you so you can make the best choice.