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Assistance and customer service.

Emergency assistance

I have lost my cards / My cards have been stolen.

I need assistance

I have forgotten my Digital Banking keys.

What do I do?

The most common queries

  • I have lost my card or my card has been stolen
  • In the event of theft or loss immediately report the disappearance of your card.

    If you are in Spain, call at 91 258 66 08 (24 hours).

    If you are abroad, contact at +34 91 258 66 08 (24 hours).

  • I have forgotten my Digital Banking keys.
  • If you have forgotten your keys, contact your branch to generate new ones. Once your identity has been verified, you will be sent an encrypted key to the mobile phone registered on our database.

  • I have forgotten my card's PIN

    If you don't remember or have lost your PIN, you must contact your branch or request it personally.

  • What are your branches' opening times?
  • Our branches are open in Winter (October to May) Monday to Thursday from 8.15 to 16.30 and Friday from 8.15 to 14.30 and in Summer (June to September) Monday to Friday from 8.15 to 14.30.


  • What are the cashpoints attached to Arquia?
  • Arquia offers its customers a network of ATMs where they can withdraw amounts over € 80 at no cost. For lower amounts or for provisions in other ATMs, Arquia will pass on to its customers the cost that the entity that owns the ATM transfers for each transaction. 

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  • Which is Arquia Banca's SWIFT / BIC code?
  • The SWIFT or BIC code is a series of 8 or 11 digits that identifies the beneficiary bank when an international wire transfer is made. Arquia Banca's SWIFT/BIC code is CASDESBBXXX.

Contact us

By e-mail

Fills in the form and we will contact you shortly via email.

Branches and cashpoints

Stop by any of our branches and we will personally assist you and answer all your doubts.

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Customer services

The Economic Group of Caja de Arquitectos S. Coop. de Crédito has a Customer Service Department to attend and solve claims or complaints submitted by customers and users of the financial services, provided by the Bank and the rest of Group entities, that are related to their legally recognised interests and rights.

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We are here to help you; send us a query and we will contact you shortly.