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These are the most common queries or doubts.

Do you have a question?

We want to provide you the best customer service and solve all your queries; therefore, we have gathered all the frequently asked questions made by our customers. 

  • Cards
  • Online Banking
  • Transactions
  • General information


  • My card has been stolen or I have you lost my card. How do I block it?
  • In the event of theft or loss immediately report the disappearance of your card.

    If you are in Spain call 91 258 66 08 (24 hours).

    If you are abroad, you can call + 34 91 258 66 08 (24 hours).

  • I have forgotten my card's PIN.
  • If you don't remember or have lost your PIN, you can recover it via the Online Banking option:

    Cards > Operations > Remember PIN 

    If you do not have access to Online Banking You should contact your branch or request it personally in this case.

  • How do I activate my card?
  • You can activate your card through the Online Banking service, either through the mobile phone application or at a cash machine by carrying out an operation that requires keying in the PIN.

    If this card is replacing a previous one, we remind you that once the new one is activated, the former one will automatically no longer work and you must destroy it.

  • Which cash machines are connected to Arquia?
  • Arquia offers its customers a network of cash machines where they can withdraw amounts starting from €80 free of charge. For smaller amounts or withdrawals from other cashpoints, Arquia will charge its customers the cost for each transaction charged by the entity which owns the cash machine.

    Check here where you can withdraw cash with no added cost with the Arquia debit card >

  • Is it safe to pay by card?
  • Cards with a chip make personal details only accessible by their holders. This is guaranteed by entering your PIN each time you make a purchase.

    The PIN, which is personal and non-transferable and must only be held by the holder, unequivocally identifies the card holder. This card ensures the details' portability, security and reliability.

  • Can I purchase online with maximum security?
  • Arquia Banca is adhered to VISA's security e-commerce system “Verified by VISA”. With this service you will benefit from secure e-commerce in Internet stores that are identified with the "Verified by VISA" symbol.

    When making the payment of your purchase online, you must enter the password to complete the operation. Next, the system will authenticate it is you and not another person who wishes to carry out the operation.

  • How can I block my card?
  • To block/unblock cards, you can do so through the Online Banking: Cards > Operations > Block and select the type of blocki/unblock you want to carry out: total blocking, blocking due to remote transactions, blocking due to loss and blocking due to theft.

  • I would like to increase my credit card's limit.
  • If you wish to request an increase in your credit card's limit you must contact your branch by email, phone or in person.

  • How can I modify the PIN of the credit card?
  • You can modify your card PIN through any Arquia Banca ATM or Bankinter (until further agreement).

    If you wish to request another one contact your branch.

  • How can I postpone my credit card's payment?
  • You can modify the payment method of your credit card from Online Banking in Cards > Operations > Payment methods.

  • I want to cancel an improper charge made to my credit card.
  • If you see a charge that you don't recognise on your card, you must fill in the following questionnaire and send it to your branch so it can proceed with the corresponding claim to Visa.

    Claim form for operations with cards>

Online Banking

  • How to access Online Banking

    If you have already accessed the New Online Bank and you have created your new password, for subsequent access you must use your NIF (Personal Tax ID) and the PASSWORD you chose :


    Remember that the password needs to have between 8 to 20 alphanumeric characters.


  • Transaction Signature Code
    1. Automatic generation of the new Signature Password when you first access
    2. How to modify the Signature Password
    3. How to request a new Signature Password using your mobile phone and email



    When accessing the new online bank for the first time, you will be able to generate the new Signature Password (6 numbers) with the following guided process:


    1. Request for Signature Password

    To initiate the process, click on continue n the following screen * which will appear when accessing the new online bank.

    * If this screen does not appear, you can carry out the process in point 3 "How to request a new Signature Password with your mobile phone and email"


    2. Password sent by SMS

    The new Signature Password will be sent by SMS to the mobile phone number you have provided. If you have received it, click continue.


    3. Receiving the password via SMS

    If you do not receive the SMS, contact your branch.


    4. Process confirmation

    If everything is correct, you will see the following screen and you will be able to enter Global Position. We recommend that you change immediately to a password that you easily remember in Services > Change of Passwords > Change of Signature Password





    1. Choose your new Signature Password

    Go to "Services > Change of Passwords > Change in Signature Password" and entera new Signature Password of 6 numbers using the virtual keyboard.



    2. Sign in with the previous password

    Enter the two positions requested by the previous Signature Password (if it is the first time you change it will be the New Password of 6 numbers received automatically on your mobile phone when logging in for the first time) 



    3. Enter the code sent by SMS

    To confirm the change, enter the code of 8 numbers sent by SMS.



    4. Confirmation

    If everything is correct, the following confirmation page will appear.





    1. Signature Password application

    Go to "Services > Change of Passwords > Request Signature Password ."



    2. Enter the code sent by SMS


    3. Enter your email address



    4. New Signature Password

    Enter the two positions requested from the new signature password you will receive via SMS on your mobile phone


    5. Confirm your identity before continuing

    Before continuing, click OK to confirm your identity by clicking on the "Signature Password" key in the email you will have received in your email inbox. Once validated, go back to this screen and click Accept.


    6. Validate the email

    Open your e-mail address and click on the "Signature Password."


    7. Confirmed identity

    Once you have confirmed your identity from your email, continue the process from where you left it (step 5)


    8. Process completed

    On the screen you will see the "PROCESSED" status and the new password will be operational.


  • I have forgotten my password
  • If you don't remember your password, follow these instructions to create a new one:


    1. Access the procedure for recovering password by clicking "Here" In the options enter "If you have forgotten your password click here".


    2. Write your NIF in the "User" field and the mobile phone number or email address that you provided at Arquia Banca.


    3. Enter the two positions requested from your Signature Password.


    4. A screen will appear, stating "Your application has been processed correctly" And you will receive the new password via SMS on your mobile phone or in an email according to the option you chose.


    5. When you enter Online Banking with the new password received you need to change it to a new one.

  • My access is blocked
  • If your access is blocked because you have entered your password incorrectly three times, follow these steps to unblock it:


    1. Access the unblocking process by clicking "Here" Choose this option below the Enter key "If you have forgotten your password, click here"


    2. On the "Forgot your password?" Screen, click on the word "Herewhich appears in the last line of the paragraph and will take you to the unblocking process.


    3. Enter your NIF (Personal Tax ID) in the "User" field and the mobile phone number which you provided at Arquia.


    4. Enter the two positions requested from your Signature Password.


    5. Enter the code sent by SMS to your mobile phone.


    6. The following will appear on the screen "Your application has been displayed correctly" and you should receive a new password by SMS on your mobile phone.


    7. When you enter Online Banking with the new password received you need to change it to a new one.

  • I suspect that I have been a victim of fraud or phishing.
  • If you suspect that you have been a victim of fraud or phishing, you must immediately call 91 258 66 08 (24 hours).

    If you are abroad, you can call +34 91 258 66 08 (24 hours).

  • Mobile app
  • Access and operate online from the Arquia BanK mobile application.

    Download it now and enjoy the benefits.




  • I need additional help
  • If you need additional help or there is an incident related to Online Banking, you can contact us at us by calling 91 258 66 08 or sending us an email to


  • How can I return a bill?
  • You can return bills from the Online Banking menu: Accounts/Bills/Refund of direct debit bills. You can also do this using the mobile app.

  • I cannot make bank transfers through Online Banking.
  • If you have an incident using Online Banking, please contact our Customer Service Centre by calling 91 258 66 08 or by sending an email to

  • How can I obtain the supporting document for a wire transfer?
  • If you wish to receive the receipt for a transfer made via the Online Banking service, you need to request it in the final step once the transfer has been made, including the email addresses where you would like to send the supporting documents.

  • How can I request a cheque book?
  • If you wish to request a chequebook for your accounts, you can do so by requesting it at your usual branch or by accessing the Online Banking menu: Accounts/Chequebooks. You must select the account that you wish to receive a cheque book for and the delivery method (branch or address).

General information

  • How can I become a customer?
  • If you would like to become a customer of Arquia Banca, you can do so by going to any of our branches or by contacting us by phone, email or though the contact form on our website.

  • What are your branches' opening times?
  • Our branches are open in Winter (October to May) Monday to Thursday from 8.15 to 16.30 and Friday from 8.15 to 14.30 and in Summer (June to September) Monday to Friday from 8.15 to 14.30.

  • How can I consult a question or resolve an incident?
  • You can contact us through the web form, by calling our offices or in person. You can also call the Consumer Service telephone number 900 400 017.

    Consumer Service >

  • Which is Arquia Banca's SWIFT / BIC code?
  • The SWIFT or BIC code is a series of 8 or 11 digits that identifies the beneficiary bank when an international wire transfer is made. Arquia Banca's SWIFT/BIC code is CASDESBBXXX.

  • How can I find out the IBAN code of my account?
  • You can find out the IBAN code by requesting it at your usual branch or by accessing the details of the product within Online Banking.

  • How can I obtain an account holder certificate?
  • To obtain an account holder certificate, you must request it from your branch, by email, phone or in person.

  • Where can I check my fiscal information?
  • You can consult your tax information through the Online Banking service: Mailbox > Mail > Consult > Tax information.

If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us by filling out the form and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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