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At this exceptional time, every action counts. For your safety and that of everyone else, we recommend paying by card :

You contribute to following the instructions of the health authorities, avoiding paying in cash.

It is the fastest and most secure payment method, at a time when cybersecurity is so important.

By using cards, it is easier to maintain t he recommended social distance..

 In addition, we are temporarily extending the limit for contactless payment with cards from €20 to €50, so that you do not have to enter your PIN. If your card is VISA, you may need an update by performing a contact payment operation.

At Arquia Banca, will remain by your side to help you, putting our digital channels at your disposal: Online Banking and App.

Despite the distance, we are even closer to you. With all the security and trust you have always placed in us.

Covid-19 Financial Aid


Aware that the health crisis caused by COVID-19 is affecting the liquidity needs of your business, now more than ever, we continue to stand by our self-employed clients, liberal professionals and SMEs.

To do this, Arquia Banca puts at your disposal different financing alternatives to HELP YOU.

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