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ICO Facilities



Support for your business

Aware that the COVID-19 health crisis is affecting your business, now more than ever, we continue to stand by our customers who are self-employed, professionals and SMEs.

For this purpose, Arquia Banca is offering loans linked to the ICO guarantee facility that will help you to continue to make progress and limit the consequences of the exceptional situation we are experiencing.

ICO Hospitality and Tourism Lines

Who can request them?

This financing can be requested by SMEs, and self-employed workers from the tourism, hospitality, and related activities sector.


To cover the part corresponding to new loans and other financing modalities granted by eligible supervised financial entities to SMEs and self-employed workers belonging to the tourism, hospitality, and related activities sector, with the main purpose of meeting the liquidity needs arising from the company’s current expenses (including the payment of salaries, invoices, need for working capital, maturities of financial or tax obligations) and the execution of new investments.


Up to 500 million euros, contributed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.


The guarantees may be requested until 1 June 2021 or until the funds are exhausted.


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ICO Lines Current financing

Companies and self-employed workers will have access to these guarantees through their financial institutions, through the formalisation of new financing operations or through the renewal of existing ones.

Intended for all sectors of activity, to meet the financing needs arising from salary payments, invoices, working capital requirements or other liquidity needs, including maturities of financial or tax obligations.

Financing subject to prior approval by the bank and/or the ICO.

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ICO Investment Facilities

  • Who can apply?
  • Purpose
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Documentation
  • Validity


This financing with ICO guarantee can be requested by self-employed workers, SMEs and companies domiciled in Spain in any business sector. They must meet the following requirements:

  • Self-employed workers, microenterprises (up to 10 employees).
  • SMEs according to European SME criterion: up to 250 employees and a balance sheet of less than €50 million or with a balance sheet of less than €43 million (the employee criterion must always be met and at least one of the following two).
  • Companies and Large Companies that are not considered European SMEs (more than 250 employees regardless of their balance sheet).
  • Companies cannot apply in the following situations:
    • in bank arrears as of 31/12/2019;
    • in insolvency proceedings as of 17/03/2020;
    • in difficulty as of 31/12/2019, in accordance with EU Regulation nº651/2014

The objective of the ICO COVID-19 INVESTMENT GUARANTEE FACILITY is to promote and support the granting of new financing to self-employed workers and companies. This will allow them to primarily make new investments in Spain, in order to adapt, extend or renew production or service capacity or restart or reopen their business.

The financing must be used exclusively for one of the following purposes:

  • New investment within the country, including capital and ongoing expenses linked to the investment, which are justified by the company. New investment means an investment in unused or second-hand assets, acquired (with first invoice date) from 29/07/2020, including VAT or similar tax.
  • Investment and/or capital and ongoing expenses intended for expansion, adaptation or renewal of production or service capacity.
  • Investment and/or capital and ongoing expenses intended for restarting or developing business.
  • Capital and ongoing expenses associated or intended, amongst others, for the acquisition, hiring, leasing or renting of equipment, machinery, facilities, supplies of materials and goods or services related to the investment and/or activity of the business, including the creation and retention of jobs, expenses in R&D.
  • The financing needs arising from salary payments, invoices or current financial or tax liabilities.


The investment must be made effective within 24 months of the date of signing the financing transaction.


The financing will be formalised as a loan (*).


Maximum amount per customer

    • Up to €1.5 million without limit for invoicing or staff expenses, subject to the specific de minimis aid regulation provisions.
    • Over €1.5 million, with a limit of the highest of the two amounts: Up to 25% of invoicing or salary costs for 2019.
    • No limit on applications per customer.


Repayment term and grace period

    • Maximum period of 5 years for transactions subject to de minimis aid scheme
    • Maximum period of 8 years for transactions subject to Temporary Framework Scheme



The state provides the following guarantees:

    • Self-employed workers, microenterprises (up to 10 employees) and SMEs: up to 80% of principal on new transactions.
    • Companies and Large Companies: up to 70% of principal on new transactions.


(*) Financing subject to the bank and/or ICO's risk criteria.



In addition to the documentation required to review the transaction, the customer must provide the following documentation:

  • De minimis aid declaration.
  • Documentation that proves the customer's status for this financing with ICO guarantee:
    • Copy of the tax ID for companies (CIF) or self-employed workers (NIF).
    • Copy of the deed or articles of association which indicates the corresponding registered office at the time of signing the transaction.


The customer may formalise transactions until 1 June 2021 or until the funds are exhausted.


For more information, fill out the following form and an adviser will contact you as soon as possible.

ICO Facility application form

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