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customer services

The Economic Group of Caja de Arquitectos S. Coop. de Crédito has a Customer Service Department to attend and solve claims or complaints submitted by customers and users of the financial services, provided by the Bank and the rest of Group entities, that are related to their legally recognised interests and rights, and its postal address and email are as follows:

C/ Arcs nº 1, 08002 Barcelona
Email: The use of this means must adjust to the provisions established in Act 59/2003, of 19 December, on electronic signatures.
Contact form available at the website by selecting "Customer services" as type of contact.

Customer Ombudsman in certain Credit Cooperatives

In addition, the Caja de Arquitectos S. Coop. de Crédito is adhered to the DEFENSOR DEL CLIENTE EN DETERMINADAS SOCIEDADES COOPERATIVAS DE CRÉDITO (Customer Ombudsman in certain Credit Cooperatives), which is an independent body to which customers and users of the financial services of Caja de Arquitectos S. Coop. de Crédito can forward any claims that fall within its competency by sending them to the following address or email:

Argali Abogados
Paseo de la Castellana, 21, 28046 Madrid

The competencies of each of the aforementioned Services are included in the respective regulations, which are available to the customer on this website's bulletin board.

Once the claim has been submitted to the Customer Service Department or the Consumer Ombudsman, if the customer disagrees with the resolution adopted or a period of two months has passed and no reply has been received, the Bank's customer or user of the financial services can take the matter up with the corresponding Complaints Service:

Before using these services, the regulation on transparency and protection of the customer of financial services establishes that the customer or user must provide evidence of previously having addressed the Customer Service Department or, where applicable, the Consumer Ombudsman.

Applicable regulations

The regulations that govern the transparency of operations and customer protection are as follows:

Customer services and consumer ombudsman:

  • Act 44/2002, of 22 November, on measures for reforming the financial system, amended by Act 2/2011, of 4 March, on sustainable economy.
  • Order ECHO/734/2004 of 11 March, on Customer Care Services and Departments and the consumer ombudsman of financial entities.
  • Order ECC/2502/2012, of 16 November, which governs the procedure for presenting claims to complaints services of the Banco de España, the CNMV (The Spanish National Stock Exchange commission) and the Directorate General of Insurance and Pensions.


Transparency of operations and customer protection and other customer protection regulations:

  • Order EHA/2899/2011, of 28 October of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, regarding the financial service transparency and customer protection.
  • Circular 5/2012, of 27 June of the Bank of Spain, regarding credit institutions and payment service providers, regarding the transparency of banking services and responsibility when granting loans.

Consumer protection and contract conditions:

  • Act 22/2007, of 11 July, on distance marketing of financial services to consumers
  • Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, as well as supplementary laws.
  • Act 7/1998, of 13 April, on general conditions of contracting.
  • Act 22/2010, of 20 July, of the Parliament of Catalonia, on the Consumer Code of Catalonia.
  • Order EHA/1718/2010, of 11 June, on the regulation and control of banking products and services advertising.


  • Act 2/1994, of 30 March, on the subrogation and modification of mortgage loans.
  • Royal Decree-Law 2/2003, of 25 April, on economic reform measures.
  • Act 36/2003, of 11 November, on economic reform measures.
  • Royal Decree-Law 6/2012, of 9 March, on urgent measures for protecting mortgage debtors without adequate resources.
  • Act 1/2013, of 14 May, regarding measures to strengthen the protection of mortgage debtors, debt restructuring and social renting.

Consumer credit:

  • Act 16/2011, of 24 June, regarding Consumer Credit.

Payment Services:

  • Act 16/2009, of 13 November, on Payment Services, implemented by Order EHA /1608/2010, of 14 June, of the Ministry of Economic and Fiscal Affairs.
  • Order EHA/1608/2010, of 14 June, regarding the transparency of conditions and requirements of information applicable to payment services.
  • Regulation (EU) 260/2012, of the European Parliament and Council, of 14 March, which establishes technical and business requirements for transfers and direct debits transactions made in euros, and amends Regulation (EC) 924/2009.
  • Act 2/2011, of 4 March, on Sustainable Economy.

Investment Services:

  • Act 24/1988, of 28 July, on the Securities Market.
  • Royal Decree 217/2008, of 15 February, of the Ministry of Economic and Fiscal Affairs, on the legal framework of investment services companies and other institutions that provide investment services, and which partially amends the Regulation of Act 35/2003, of 4 November, on Collective Investment Institutions, approved by Royal Decree 1309/2005, of 4 November, developed by Order EHA/1665/2010, of 11 June, of the Ministry of Economic and Fiscal Affairs on rates and charges and standard contracts.
  • Circular 7/2011, of 12 December, of the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (The Spanish National Stock Exchange Commission), regarding the prospectus of rates and charges and content of standard contracts.