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Legal notice

General Terms and Conditions

  • General Terms and Conditions
  • Access to the Internet portal of the Arquia Group and to its content implies acceptance of the terms and conditions set out in this "Legal notice". We therefore recommend that you read it carefully if you want or need to access and/or use the information and services offered on this website.

    The terms and conditions contained in this Legal notice are valid on the date of their last update, and may be modified by the Arquia Group at any time and without prior notice, in which case the new terms and conditions shall become effective from that date and shall apply to all users.

    Users agree to use this website respecting the terms and conditions set forth therein. The Arquia Group reserves the right to take the legal action it deems appropriate in order to claim damages of any kind arising from the failure to comply with them.

    This website aims to provide information on products and services offered by the Arquia Group, to communicate with the entity and get to know it better, as well as provide its customers with access to the services offered in their Online Banking, and facilitate access to their programmes for users and customers of the Arquia Foundation. It also aims to provide information about events, activities and initiatives of the Group Entities and offer security tips that may be of interest to the user.

  • Intellectual and industrial property
  • The Arquia Group owns the domain of the portal and its content, including its pages, information and elements they contain: logos, trademarks, trade names, graphics, texts, documents, databases, software and other components protected by intellectual and industrial rights that the Arquia Group owns or of which they are legal licensees.

    Express prior written consent from the Arquia Group is required in order to reproduce, distribute, exploit, transfer, publicly communicate or make any other use of any element or information contained in the portal through any medium.

    The Arquia Group, always with express consent, allows other websites to incorporate links to some of its pages. For this, upon opening, said page should appear in a separate browser window and should not form part of frames that contain other content.

  • The Arquia Group
  • Below is a list of the Arquia Group companies to which personal data is transferred, including the activity they each carry out:

    • Arquia Banca (ARQUIA BANK, S.A. Tax Id A08809808) Offer and provision of financial and social products and services.
    • Arquia Gestión (Arquigest SA SGIIC Tax Id No. A58073388) Administration and representation of Collective Investment.
    • Arquia Pensiones (Arquipensiones SA EGFP Tax Id No. A58843301) Pension Fund Management.
    • Arquia Banca Mediación Operador de Banca de Seguros Vinculado, S.A. (Tax Id A-59697573). Insurance mediation.
    • Fundación Arquia Tax Id No G59417279 Promotion and dissemination of social and cultural activities.
    • Arquia Gestión de Activos SA (Tax Id No A65910614) Real-estate asset management.

Privacy policy

  • Privacy Policy for Arquia Group websites
  • Prior considerations and acceptance

    Access, browsing and use of Arquia Group websites, of which Arquia Bank, S.A. (Arquia Banca) is the parent company, shall be governed by the provisions of the Legal Notice and Terms of Use (set out on this website), together with this Privacy Policy. Cookie policy and the Data Protection Policy.

    Hereinafter, the term "website," web portal, "Internet portal" or "our website" shall be understood to refer to all Arquia Group websites (hereinafter also Arquia) and owned by any of the companies which comprise it and whose relationship is set out below.

    Before making use of Arquia's websites, please read these notifications and policies carefully, as well as the security advice we offer you in this link: security, and that you do so whenever you need to access our website as such notifications and policies may undergo modifications and their use implies that the User accepts the conditions contained in these documents.


    Purpose and scope of application

    This Policy regulates the processing of personal data that Users (registered customers, users and visitors) provide to the different companies that make up the Arquia Group through the websites of their ownership (see details in "Legal Notice and Terms of Use").

    This document informs about the uses, processing and purposes of the Users' personal data, as well as the rights of these users. Aspects related to confidentiality, security and data preservation are also explained. And thus, Users with this information can decide freely and voluntarily whether to provide Arquia with certain personal data in the forms and service platforms of the group's websites, including acceptance of the installation and necessary use of cookies for the proper functioning of web browsing.

    This policy applies to the data that Users provide to any of the companies of the Arquia Group on websites of their ownership, and is not applicable to information collected by third parties on other websites even if they have links to Arquia's websites and vice versa.

    Simple access and browsing of Arquia's websites is free of charge and does not require prior registration by the User. However, in order to access, contract and/or use certain products and/or services, it will be necessary for the User to register. In such cases, and without prejudice to the conditions established in this Policy, the services and products that require registration will be governed by their own specific conditions.


    Processing of personal data

    Arquia only obtains from its Users any data that is appropriate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the scope and purpose for which they are collected. Therefore, the refusal to provide, according to what data, could prevent the maintenance or development of a request, the contractual and/or commercial relationship or the execution of certain operations that the User wishes to carry out.

    In the Arquia Group we are very sensitive to the rights of minors and people recognized as being unable to give consent regarding privacy and protection of their details, so in no case will the details either of the minor or of the disabled person be collected in order to obtain information on the other members of the family group, or on the characteristics of the family, such as data relating to the professional activity of the parents, economic information, sociological data or any other data, without the consent of the holders of such data.

    Arquia processes the personal data of its Users and other parties (authorized parties, representatives, etc.) in accordance with the current legislation and its regulations on deployment, in particular Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of this data (GDPR) and the current Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights (LOPDGDD).

    The legitimization of the processes is based on one or more of the following legal bases: execution of a contractual or commercial nature between the entity and the User; consent given by the User; legitimate interest, provided that it does not prevail over the fundamental interests, rights, or freedom of the party who requires personal data protection; fulfilment of a legal obligation applicable to the party requesting the process.

    The data that the User provides through Arquia's websites, as well as those derived from requests, queries, complaints and claims, contracting, operations, etc., will be incorporated into the information systems of the corresponding Arquia company, and may be managed in an automated, manual or mixed manner.

    The User agrees that the data he/she provides must be true, accurate and up-to-date. In order for such information to be always duly updated and free from errors, the User must communicate, as soon as possible, any modifications and corrections that may occur to his/her personal data.

    There is more information and details on the processing of personal data in the Data Protection Policy that can be consulted at: /.


    Arquia Group: Data Protection Control and Data Protection Officer

    The Data Controller will be the Arquia Group company which, depending on the case, corresponds according to the website that the User visits or to whom the User provides their data through forms and platforms of the specific company.

    Below is the list of companies that make up the Arquia Group, where Arquia Bank, S.A. (Arquia Banca) is the parent company, indicating its identification, main activities and place where to exercise the rights that, in matters of personal data protection, assist the User.


    In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679, and Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, on Data Protection, Arquia Banca has appointed a Group Data Protection Officer, who can be contacted via and can deal with any related aspects to protection of personal data or interpretation of this Policy.


    Use of data and purposes

    • In Arquia, we use cookies to manage the User's browsing of our websites. Details of cookies are provided in the "Information on cookies" section, as well as other uses and purposes.
    • Compliance with a contractual or commercial relationship (i.e. its development, maintenance, management and control) for the purposes and in accordance with the legitimate bases are indicated in the different forms of Arquia's websites where personal data is collected.

    In particular,

    • The provision of banking and financial services and operations offered through online banking, Arquia Red.
    • The service of applications and deployment of the different support and sponsorship programs of Arquia Social.
    • The management of applications, development and execution of the various programmes and activities of the Arquia Foundation, such as: competitions (scholarships, entrepreneurship, research, correspondence with the Fundación Arquia blog,...), promotion of professionals, publications of research work, theses, etc., audiovisual broadcasts, professional and production directory, job listings, media library (filmography, film library, screenings, etc.), Master's degree programme for MBA-Arquia Banca (architecture), surveys, exhibitions, prizes, and so on.
    • Processing and monitoring of requests for information, contracting and registration in private areas.
    • Attention to complaints and claims.
    • Attention to requests to exercise data protection rights.
    • Compliance with a legal obligation established by the regulations in force at any given time, including, by way of an illustrative and non-limiting nature, that of prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism, tax legislation, the organization, supervision and solvency of credit institutions, the fight against fraud, and the protection of personal data.
    • Dissociation and anonymisation of data (which do not allow the identification of the holder of the data), including those generated by the development of the contractual or commercial relationship, in order to carry out statistical or market studies and analysis and drawing up behaviour models, in order to improve the quality of the products and services offered by the companies of the Arquia Group.
    • Commercial actions. The User is informed that via the various electronic documents and forms in which Arquia obtains personal data, he/she may be asked for consent for Arquia to send commercial or advertising communications via any means, about products, services, programmes and activities, or from third parties with whom collaboration agreements are established. Similarly, you may be asked for authorization to draw up commercial profiles and make automated decisions for the same purposes, both in a general and in a customized way, which may be of interest or of need to the User. There will also be occasions when the User is invited to voluntarily participate in loyalty programmes, competitions, prize draws, social action programmes, etc., and to receive information and news about these events.

    The consents for the actions indicated are revocable.

    • Anonymous satisfaction and/or improvement surveys of the Arquia Group's products and services are of a voluntary nature.
    • The User is informed of the possibility that telephone and audiovisual conversations may be recorded (after the relevant indication is given), when this is necessary for reasons of security, based on the legitimate interest of the Arquia Group company addressed, for reasons of compliance with the business relationship, or in compliance with a legal obligation (in general, it will only be necessary to provide the data required by the regulations or the operation and the solvency data of the interested party, if this knowledge is necessary in regard to the product, the rest being optional).


    Information on cookies

    Arquia's websites use "cookie" technology. Cookies are small files that are stored in the User terminal through which you access our website to consult information or to make use of the services we offer. Our cookies, which are well configured, facilitate logical and secure browsing through the pages of our web portals, and allow us to uniquely identify the User's terminal, even if you change location or IP address, and can also identify your approximate location.

    Also, among other purposes, our cookies are used to gather information on browsing preferences to improve services and offer the User a more personal and satisfactory experience in subsequent visits to our websites. In order to do this, we need your consent. In our "{cookie policy}" you will find more detailed information as well as indications of how you can configure or disable them, wholly or partly, in your Internet browser.


    Data communications

    The User's personal data is communicated between the companies of the Arquia Group, generally to the parent company, Arquia Banca, for the purposes of: carrying out centralized procedures, contracting and its development, handling of applications, complaints and claims, and compliance with legal obligations to which the different companies of the Group are subject at all times.

    Arquia, on the basis of a legitimate interest, may also make such internal communications for commercial purposes of its products and services with the User's authorization and if the User does not revoke his consent.

    The Arquia Group will not communicate personal data of its Users to third parties unless there is a legal obligation or a need for proper contractual development or for the provision of a service or operation to the User on behalf of Arquia. In these cases, the corresponding Arquia company has a contract with the Data Controller with the appropriate service provider, in which it is stated that the latter will only use the data provided for the requested assignment and not for a different purpose.

    Apart from the above, if the Arquia Group has an interest in communicating its data at any given time to third parties, the User will be duly informed of the purpose of the processing and of the identity and activity of the transferee entity, and the User will be offered the possibility of giving consent.

    Only when it is necessary may Arquia carry out international transfers of data to third countries or international organizations, subject to compliance with the provisions of the regulations.

    Nevertheless, the User is informed that Arquia's suppliers are established in the EU and/or are associated with the Privacy Shield and comply with European data protection regulations and with the privacy and security measures required.


    Data conservation

    Depending on the purpose for which data is requested, both these and those derived from the application, operation or contractual relationship in question, the time for which the Arquia Group will retain them will depend on one or the other. In each case, there will be more specific information provided.

    However, the User is informed below of the general criteria for the retention periods of their data.

    • Arquia will keep the information provided by the User, as well as that generated during the development of the contractual/commercial relationship, during the validity of the same.
    • Once a contract for a product or service has concluded, Arquia will generally retain this information for a period of ten years, in order to comply with Act 10/2010 of 28 April on the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Prevention of the Financing of Terrorism and its implementations.
    • The previous ten-year period will be five in the case of contracts and services of a personal nature and twenty years in the case of mortgage securities.
    • Curriculum Vitaes will generally be kept for one year.

    After these times, Arquia will delete or destroy your data as required by law in each case

    Notwithstanding the above, if you exercise any of the rights that Arquia provides, the minimum data relating to that exercise and its resolution will be retained indefinitely, and only the staff who are duly empowered will be able to access them.



    Arquia ensures an ethical, correct and strict compliance with the use and processing of personal data, and also keeps due secrecy and confidentiality. Our staff is subject to the duty of professional secrecy and the Arquia Group's General Code of Conduct.

    In order to dispose of maximum integrity of personal data, it is necessary for Users to inform us as soon as possible of any modifications and corrections to their data. For the same reason, when the User is required or needs to fill out forms, they must be filled in with true, accurate, complete and up-to-date information.



    Arquia adopts the security measures that are in accordance with the current regulations on the protection of personal data at any given time and take into account the state of the technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed.

    Reasonable technical and organizational measures have been established in the Arquia Group to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of the information of its Users. Arquia has security features to prevent the destruction, loss or accidental or unlawful alteration of personal data transmitted, preserved or otherwise processed, as well as to prevent unauthorized communication or access to Users' data.

    In the event of a security incident that constitutes a risk to the rights and freedoms of the User, Arquia will notify the authority of competent control in the time and form established by regulations, as well as the User through public communication or a similar measure informing him or her effectively.


    User's rights

    With regard to personal data and its processing, the User may, when legally applicable, exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation, portability and opposition to the data not being processed for certain uses and purposes, as well as to being the subject of a decision based solely on automated processing.

    We also inform you that authorizations for personal data processing are revocable. However, withdrawal of consent will not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on consent prior to withdrawal.

    The User can exercise their rights, free of charge, by writing to Arquia Banca attaching a copy of their identity document addressed to Arquia Banca (Dpto. LOPD) to the postal address C/Arcs 1, 08002-Barcelona (Spain), or by email to You can also contact any of the companies that make up the Arquia Group, whose association is found in this Policy.

    If the application for any of these rights is made through a legal representative, the supporting documentation of such representation and also a copy of his/her identity document must be attached.

    The use of an electronic identification signature shall exempt the need for photocopies of DNI or equivalent document.

    Similarly, if you consider that we have not processed your personal data in accordance with the current regulations, you can contact the Data Protection Officer of the Arquia Group whose contact details appear in this Policy, and/or you can file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.


    Updating and Policy changes.

    This Privacy Policy may vary depending on legislative or self-regulation requirements and on the company's guidelines. For this reason, we recommend that you periodically review this Policy when you visit our websites or their pages.

Internet policy

  • Conditions of use for the user
  • The user of this website, its pages and content, undertakes to make legal and proper use of them.

    Any kind of illegal or unlawful activity, or attempts to impersonate any natural or legal person, or interfere with or modify information systems, is strictly prohibited.

    The Arquia Group reserves the right to take the measures and actions it deems appropriate, and to exclude users, without prior notice, from the service that commit any of the activities or conducts listed.

  • Validity of the information
  • The Arquia Group assumes no liability for information, content, products or services from the Arquia Group that appear on websites or web pages other than those that belong to the Group.

    The Arquia Group reserves the right to prevent or restrict access temporarily or permanently to both the portal and its content when deemed appropriate. It also reserves the right to make changes and omit all or part of the information and content of this website.

    The information contained in the web portal of the Arquia Group is current on the date of its last update Its content, especially in relation to marketing and informational aspects, is indicative and does not constitute a binding offer, unless otherwise expressly indicated. Any extension of the information found on this website can be provided from any of the Arquia Banca branches. The list of these and their addresses can also be found on this portal. If there is any disparity between the information and content on the website and that provided in the branch network, the latter shall prevail.

  • Liability
  • The Arquia Group assumes no liability resulting from errors that may occur due to incorrect use of the browser, its malfunction, or due to the use of outdated versions of the browser.

    Neither does it assume any responsibility for damages, claims, setbacks, losses, expenses, disruptions, etc., caused by circumstances, events or any other cause beyond the control of the Arquia Group (such as telephone breakdowns, power failures, viruses, power surges or faults on telecommunications lines or networks, etc.).

    The Arquia Group is not responsible for the information contained on other websites about our Group or that contain links to this site, unless express consent has been granted.

    The Arquia Group is not responsible for the information and terms and conditions related to products and services, or for content of any kind related to third parties that are advertised on this portal.

    The Arquia Group is not responsible for information, links, hyperlinks or any other content that may be entered by third parties on the spaces provided for this purpose on the Arquia Group website, and in particular, the legality of the information entered by users of Online Banking (Arquia Red) and the various Arquia Foundation Programmes (such as Próxima, Becase, etc.), as well as the lack of veracity that these users provide about themselves to other users.

    Likewise, the Arquia Group is not responsible for any damages that may arise as a result of users introducing viruses or any other harmful element, due to the use of the services offered on the portal, and in particular, those derived from Online Banking (Arquia Red) and the various Arquia Foundation Programmes (such as Próxima, Becas, etc.).

  • Corporate Name
  • Arquia BANK, S.A.
    NIF A08809808 
    Bank of Spain Reg. No. 3183.
    Madrid Commercial Register Volume 36871, Book 0, Folio 136, Section 8, Sheet M 659820

  • Corporate Address
  • Barquillo, 6. 28004 Madrid (Spain) 

    Web portal "":

    The domain "" is owned by Arquia BANK, S.A. and is registered in Madrid Commercial Register.

  • The brand Arquia
  • Arquia and Arquia Banca are brands owned by Arquia Bank, S.A.