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Floor clause

In accordance with the provisions set forth in Royal Decree-Law 1/2017 on urgent measures to protect consumers with regard to 'floor clauses', Arquia Banca has established a procedure to process requests for the reimbursement of payments made by the consumer as a result of applying the floor clauses included in mortgage loans or credits.

Any customer interested in taking part of the aforementioned procedure shall send their request to the Floor Clause Department through the following channels:

By email -

By post - C/ Arcs 1, 08002 Barcelona

Although we recommend submitting the requests to the Floor Clause Department, you can also send it to any Arquia Banca branch.

The request should include the following:

  • Date of submission of the request.
  • Personal details of the applicant and, where applicable, of the representative: 
  • Full name and ID.
  • Contact details: Address, telephone and email.
  • Mortgage identification information: loan number and associated current account.
  • Any additional documentation considered relevant to resolving the claim.

Arquia Banca will analyse the request in the light of the Royal Decree-Law. Its reception does not entail acknowledgement of any right nor prejudges the relevance of the request. Final decisions on requests shall be made within three months of its submittal. For requests submitted prior to 21 February 2017, these three months will be calculated as of this date.

If the request is unfounded, the Floor Clause Department will explain the reasons behind this decision, in which case the claim will be considered as closed.

Until the analysis procedure initiated by this request is complete, the customer will not be able to exercise any judicial or extrajudicial action, including claims made to Arquia Banca's Customer Services or Customer Ombudsman, or to the Claims Service of the Banco de España, whereby the purpose is partially or fully related to the matter put forward for analysis. The customer has the right to take any measures deemed appropriate once Arquia Banca expressly rejects the request or if the three-month period elapses without receiving any communication from the bank.