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Get to know us more

Our customers trust in Arquia.

Arquia Banca is an institution specialising in providing services to professionals with the purpose of attending to their specific needs throughout their lives by means of a customised service and advice.

Since our foundation in 1983, we have stood out from standard industry practice by implementing a unique model based on proximity banking. Not only do we base our business on creating competitive products, but we are also specifically customer oriented, providing a comprehensive service based on trust and transparency. Our main goal is to provide added value through a high-quality service.

The experience gained from working with architects and the integration of Caja Abogados in 2018 has enabled the Arquia Group to consolidate its position as a leading bank for professionals while expanding its business to new professional sectors.

At Arquia Banca, we are investment specialists. We offer a customised service based on a comprehensive range of products and services to meet our investors' needs and expectations.

Our specialised financial advice, analysis and investment division, Arquia Profim|Banca Privada, has a team of highly-trained experts who advise customers on the most suitable investment strategies for their assets.

Arquia's values

Specialisation and proximity

Arquia Banca provides a high-quality and specialised service while maintaining a close relationship with its customers, which strengthens their loyalty throughout their professional life. Due to its personalised customer service, Arquia is rated as one of the best banks in terms of customer satisfaction.


Over the years we have adapted to new trends, responding to new profiles and professional groups, while maintaining the essence and values at the heart of Arquia: proximity, leading the way and innovation. This uniqueness is also reflected in our branches which feature unique designs in line with their environment.

Transparency and commitment

Rigour, seriousness and transparency are in our DNA. We fulfil the commitments undertaken with our customers. We offer personalised assistance and high-quality customer service, making us one of the most highly rated banks in the sector in terms of customer satisfaction.


We strive to develop products and services that meet our customers' expectations. We are immersed in a process of technological transformation that is heading towards an increasingly digital environment. This enables us to streamline our processes and improve our omnichannel strategies so that our customers can bank at any time and anywhere.

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