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Arquia Banca Mediation

Arquia Banca Mediación
, a secure banking operator linked to Arquia customers.

About us

Arquiseguros S.A., Correduría de Seguros initiates its activity in 1991 specialising in providing advisory services in Personal Risks of professionals within the Architecture sector.

Since its inception many customers have contracted and trusted the management of their insurance to Arquia Seguros, which continuously updates its methods for Policy contracting and Insurable Risk management.

What services do we offer our customers?

Arquia Seguros' experience and access to the main offers from companies in the insurance market enables it to offer a service that advises on, designs and helps you take out insurance programmes that fully cover all the protection and provision needs of any person or company.

  • Auditing and studying the policies currently contracted, with the purpose of analysing the suitability of the contract with respect to the real needs of customers.
  • Designing and developing the insurance solution for each customer.
  • Maintaining, Administering and Updating its policies, by means of frequent reviews, in order to avoid time-lags and imbalances in the insurance market.
  • Assisting in and Advising on accidents when dealing with the insurance company, so the contracted guarantees are applied.
  • Any other type of technical query related to risk management in both the personal and professional spheres.

Which are the advantages?

  • All the services offered are provided to our customers for free. Arquia Seguros' remuneration exclusively originates from the insurance companies.
  • Our insurance brokerage is exclusively customer oriented, and we select the best offers among the insurance companies that operate in Spain.

Our range of products: a solution for every need.

The range of insurance policies that we market provide solutions in the personal, professional and corporate areas.

  • Life and accident insurance (death and disability).
  • Property and damage insurance (buildings, owners' associations, home, studio, vessels and other goods).
  • Supplementary benefit provision: savings insurance, annuities, guaranteed benefit plans.
  • Insurance covering risks from construction.
  • Healthcare and professional disability insurance: to supplement the public benefit system.
  • General Civil Liability insurance
  • Insurance for customers incorporated as Companies in any of their legal forms.

In addition to these basic products offered in the insurance market, we design specific insurance programmes and offer the Coverage and Policies required by our customers as a result of the new needs that are generated.

Companies with which Arquia Banca Mediación Operator of Banca Seguros Vinculado has an agency contract >

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Insurance mediated by Arquia Banca Mediación Operator of Banca de Seguros Vinculado, S.A. (C.I.F. A-59697573) and registered office in Madrid, C/Barquillo, No. 6, (C.P. 28004). Registered in the special administrative register of insurance intermediaries of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds with the code OV0080. Accredited Civil Responsibility and Accredited Insurance Financial Capacity according to current legislation. Company registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid in Volume 36954, page 71, section 8, page M-660793.