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Corporate governance and remuneration policy

The General Shareholders’ Meeting is the principal governing body of Arquia Banca. The General Shareholders' Meeting shall be governed by that laid down by Law, the Articles of Association and the General Shareholders' Meeting Regulation. The members of the General Shareholders' Meeting shall decide, by simple majority of votes from the members present or represented at the General Shareholders' Meeting, except in cases in which the Law, or these Articles of Association, stipulate qualified majority voting, regarding matters in which they have reserved decision over.


  • Board of Directors
    • Chairmain
      Javier Navarro Martínez (Non-executive)
    • First Deputy Chairman
      Alberto Alonso Saezmiera (Non-executive)
    • Second Deputy Chairman
      José Antonio Martínez Llabrés (Independent)
    • Secretario
      Julián Juan Monjo Sacristán
    • Member
      Carlos Gómez Agustí (Non-executive)
    • Member
      Daniel Rincón de la Vega
    • Member
      Fernando Díaz-Pinés Mateo (Non-executive)
    • Member
      Montserrat Nogués Teixidor (Non-executive)
    • Member
      María Villar San Pío (Independent)
    • Member
      Naiara Montero Viar (Independent)
    • Member
      Purificación Pujol Capilla

    Reglamento del Consejo de Administración >

  • Appointments and Remuneration Committee
    • Chairmain
      Naiara Montero Viar
    • Member
      Javier Navarro Martínez
    • Member
      Carlos Gómez Agustí

    Regulations of the Appointments and Remuneration Committee >

  • Audit and Risks Joint Committee
    • Chairmain
      José Antonio Martínez Llabrés
    • Member
      Alberto Alonso Saezmiera
    • Secretary
      María Villar San Pío

    Regulations of the Audit and Risks Joint Committee >

  • Management
    • General Management
      Javier Ventura González
    • Assistant Managing Director
      Raimon Royo Uño
    • Assistant Managing Director
      Jordi Nadal Pellejero
    • Deputy Financial Managing Director
      Pedro Fernández Martínez
    • Deputy Director General for Media
      Càndid Andreu Miralles
    • Financial Controller
      Eloisa Gutiérrez de Clares
    • Commercial Director
      Francisco Miguel Guirado Sariñena
    • Credit Risks Director
      Mireia Betoret Ferrer
    • Technology and Innovation Director
      Jaume Esteve Bartruli
    • Business Development Director
      Agate Viloca Gras

    Investee Companies

    • Director of Arquia Gestión
      Alfonso Castro Acedo
    • Director of Arquia Pensiones and Arquia Seguros
      Fernando Cespedosa Requena
    • Director of the Arquia Foundation
      Sol Candela Alcover

  • Appointments of members of the Board of Directors and of the Managing Director

    In accordance with current legislation, the Bank has a General Policy for evaluating the suitability of the members of the Board of Directors and of the Managing Directors or similar, as well as for evaluating the suitability of those responsible for internal control functions and other positions that are key for the daily running of the bank's financial operations.

    The appointments of these positions have been carried out in accordance with the aforementioned policy, involving a prior assessment and review by the Appointments and Remuneration Committee in which all the candidates proposed have been assessed as being "ideal".



  • Organisational structure, allocation of duties and lines of responsibility
  • Sections 1.4, 4.2 and 4.3 of the Prudential Information Report for the 2018 financial year contain information on the governance bodies and their structure and on the functions of the Bank's control framework.

  • Overall Risk management Procedures
  • In sections 3.1, 4.1 and 4.4 of the Prudential Information Report for the 2018 financial year, you can view information on: the procedure applied to assess the adequacy of internal capital (ICAAR); the risk management policies and objectives; and the risk information report.



  • Mechanisms and internal control procedures, office clerks and accountants
  • In section 4 of the Prudential Information Report for the 2018 financial year, you can view information on administrative and accounting Mechanisms and Procedures, as well as those relating to internal control.

  • Information on remunerations
  • For the determination of the identified group of the company, the Management of the entity, has a Procedure for determination of the identified group, which establishes the appropriate qualitative criteria and quantitative criteria to determine the categories of staff whose professional activities have a significant impact on the risk profile of a company.

    In section 14 of the Prudential Information Report for the 2018 financial year, you can view information on the remuneration of the identified group.