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The Arquia Banca Group

The Arquia Group is committed to its constant growth through specialized entities aimed at offering a comprehensive service to all its customers. It also addresses various lines of action that favor the improvement of services to professional groups, asset management and society in general.

Composition of the Group

Arquia Banca

2 March 1983

Professional financial entity, constituted to meet the specific savings and credit needs of professionals, self-employed workers and companies.

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Arquia Gestión

2 March 1983

Administration and representation of collective investment institutions, asset management, financial advice and intervention in the placement of public and private issues.

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Arquia Pensiones

26 June 1989

Administration and management of pension funds.

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Arquia Banca Mediación

12 February 1991

Connected Insurance Banking Operator, S.A. Advice on insurance operations, as well as the subsequent assistance to the insured.

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Arquia Gestión de Activos

16 November 2012

Acquisition, administration, disposal, purchase, sale, exchange, comprehensive management and exploitation of real-estate assets.

Arquia Foundation

23 May 1990

Private cultural entity engaged in promoting and fostering cultural, social, healthcare, professional and educational activities in the field of architecture, construction, design and town planning, as well as everything related to the activity of architects.

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Otras líneas de actuación

Caja Abogados

April 3, 1978

Line of business acquired on December 28, 2017, which reinforces the strategy of growth and construction of a bank specializing in advising professional groups, self-employed, SMEs and upper-middle income clients.

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Arquia Profim

27 de Marzo de 1996

Constituida para la prestación de servicios de asesoramiento en materia de inversiones, el 1 de Octubre de 2018 fue absorbida por Arquia Banca, reforzando así su apuesta de crecimiento en el segmento de banca privada y la gestión de grandes patrimonios.

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Arquia Social


Arquia Social is a line managed by the Arquia Foundation on behalf of Arquia Banca aimed at helping and collaborating in the improvement of the quality of life of people and society in general.

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Arquia has participated in creating several entities that serve the profession: Arquitasa, Arquinex, Oficina de Control Técnico S.A. (ECC de Cataluña), Entidad para la Calidad de la Construcción de la Región de Murcia S.L. and Entidad para el Control de Calidad de Castilla y León S.A.

In addition Arquia Banca is a partner of Visa España, Servired, Sociedad Española de Medios de Pago, Asociación Española de Banca, etc.

Arquia Banca, as an investment services firm (ESI in Spanish), generically provides the following services:

  • Receiving, transmitting and executing purchase and sale orders for bonds, shares and other products in the stock exchange on behalf of its clients.
  • Acting as an intermediary when companies issue shares or bonds, and when they make public offerings of securities, informing investors of the issues and offers so they can purchase if they wish.
  • Acting as depositories and administrators of securities and financial products contracted by savers.