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Arquia Banca (ARQUIA BANK, S.A.) is a financial institution incorporated on 2 March 1983 with the purpose of fulfilling the specific savings and credit needs of professionals.

Since its inception in 1983, it has followed a unique model of proximity banking, which differentiates it from the standard trend in the sector. It now stands among the most highly valued banks regarding customer satisfaction, thanks to its personalised approach. Initially specialising in banking products and services intended for architects, the bank has now extended its services to include other professional groups, self-employed workers and companies.

Arquia Banca is committed to transparency and accountability in its financial management, through its 39 branches and its team of more than 250 professionals.

It is a progressive entity with is own purpose and values, which are reflected in the unique design of its offices and in its innovative management style, aimed at developing digital-based products and services adapted to the needs of its customers.

Since its creation
Arquia Banca works
at the service of