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Combined Deposit

Mixing provides you more.


This number indicates the product risk, whereby 1/6 indicates the lowest risk and 6/6 the highest risk.

  • Arquia Banca is a member of the Credit Institutions Deposit Guarantee Fund provided for in Royal Decree-Law 16/2011, of 14 October, which guarantees money deposits made in banks up to a maximum amount of 100,000 euros per account holder.

  • The early withdrawal, redemption or refund of part or all of the invested principal are subject to fees or penalties.
    The risk indicator and liquidity alert only refer to the Deposit.

  • The liquidity risk and warning indicator refers only to the deposit.
    The Investment Fund has its own risk marker that can be higher.

Combine a deposit with a fund

and obtain up to 1% AER on your deposit. 

1.Choose the amount of your investment.

2. Decide the percentage you invest in the Deposit and which in Funds.





15% 85% 0,15% -
20% 80% 0,20% -
25% 75% 0,25% -
30% 70% 0,30% -
40% 60% 0,40% -
50% 50% 0,50% 0,80%
60% 40% 0,60% 0,90%
70% 30% 0,70% 1,00%

3.Choose the Fund best suited to your profile among the funds associated with the deposit.
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Terms and Conditions Deposit

  • Minimum amount: €3,000
  • Maximum amount: €200,000
  • Term of the deposit: 12 months
  • Interest settlement at maturity
  • Early cancellation: in the case of early cancellation, no interest will be paid.

Reimbursement of Funds before expiration:
the interest rate will be maintained provided that during the entire term of the deposit has been maintained by the holder / is the contribution made in any of the investment funds of the promotion, measured in units, or has transferred totally or partially said contribution to others of the linked funds. Otherwise, no interest will be paid for not fulfilling the conditions of the contract.

(1) To subscribe a Flexible Option Plus Combined Deposit it will be necessary to: That the amount of the initial contribution made to the related Investment Funds comes from an increase in the volume of the holder's positions in the following products (Current Accounts, Term Deposits, Investment Funds and Negotiable Securities). Said increase must have occurred within the term corresponding to the 30 days prior to the contracting of the deposit.


Our Investment Funds

arquiuno fi

  • Risk level: 4/7.
  • Moderate.
  • Mixed fixed income.
  • From 0% to 30% in equities.
  • Term: 2 years.
More information

arquiuno bolsa fi

  • Risk level: 6/7.
  • Moderate-aggressive.
  • Euro equities.
  • From 75% to 100% in equities.
  • Term: 5 years.
More information

arquiuno renta variable mixta fi

  • Risk level: 5/7.
  • Moderate-aggressive.
  • Euro mixed equities.
  • From 0% to 75% in equities.
  • Term: 5 years.
More information

arquiuno prudente 30RV fi

  • Risk level 3/7.
  • International mixed fixed income.
  • From 0% to 30% in equities.
  • Term: 4 years.
  • Class A
More information

arquiuno equilibrado 60RV fi

  • Risk level 5/7.
  • International mixed equities.
  • From 30% to 60% in equities.
  • Term: 5 years.
  • Class A
More information

arquiuno dinámico 100RV fi

  • Risk level 6/7.
  • International equities.
  • From 60% to 100% in equities.
  • Term: 6 years.
  • Class A
More information
See all funds

(*) No previous returns can be shown since the fund has substantially modified the investment policy on November 10, 2017.

ARQUIUNO Arquiuno funds, Mixed Equity, Stock Exchange, Prudente 30RV, Balanced 60RV and Dynamic 100RV registered in the CNMV with the numbers 0088, 4601, 4792, 4979, 4981 and 4982 respectively.

The category "1" does not mean that the investment is free of risk.

This figure is indicative of the risk of the fund and is calculated based on historical data that, however, may not be a reliable indication of the future risk profile of the fund. In addition, there are no guarantees that the indicated category will remain unchanged and may vary over time.

Management Company: Arquigest SA SGIIC. It is registered with the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) with registration number 36. Depositary: CAJA DE ARQUITECTOS S.COOP. OF CREDIT. You can consult the Informative Brochures and the documents with the Fundamental Data of the Investor (DFI) in the official public registers of the CNMV, as well as on our website and offices of Arquia Banca.

The value of the investment in funds depends on the market value of the assets of the investment fund and may cause capital losses.

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