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  • Classification

    Euro mixed equity.

  • Heritage

    16.615.016,75 €

  • Valor liquidativo

    11,8 €

  • No. Participants



14,63 % (Volatility)

  • Year 2020:-6,12%
  • Year 2019:13,18%
  • Year 2018:-11,38%

Source: Arquia Gestión
Past performance does not presuppose or guarantee future returns.

Arquia Banca RVM, FI

lower return
higher return
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Lower risk
Higher risk

Category “1” does not mean that the investment is risk-free.
This information is indicative of the risk of the fund and has been calculated on the basis of historical data. However, this historical data may not be a reliable indication of the fund's future risk profile. In addition, there are no guarantees that the category indicated will remain unchanged, and it may vary over time.

The investment vocation is defined as a Fund is defined as a Euro Balanced Equity fund.
The management takes the return on the index as a reference: The Stoxx600 index at 75% and the AFI Spanish Government Bill 3 year index at 25%.

Investment policy
A maximum of 75% of the fund's exposure will be in equity and rest in public and private fixed income. Investments in equity will be made principally in securities of the European market, and may also be made in North American markets, and up to 10% in emerging markets. No limitations are established with respect to capitalisation or sectors.
The sum of the investments in equity securities issued by entities located outside the Eurozone, plus the exposure to currency risk, must not exceed 30%, with the main alternative currencies used other than the euro being US dollars and pounds sterling.
The fund's investment in Fixed-Income assets will be mainly of issuers denominated in Euros and in European markets. Fixed-income investments include deposits in credit institutions and money market instruments that are liquid and traded or not on organised markets. The duration of the portfolio is not predetermined in advance and may be up to 2 negative years. The assets will not have a minimum credit rating level and, therefore, assets with no rating may be invested.
The fund can invest up to 10% of its assets in UCITS that are qualifying assets, harmonised or not, belonging or not to the Group of the Management Company, provided that their mission is consistent with the investment fund policy.
Over 25% can be invested in securities of an EU Member State, a Spanish Autonomous Community, a Local Entity, and International Bodies of which Spain is a member.
You can operate with derivatives traded on organised derivative markets for coverage and investment purposes, and non-traded derivatives on organised derivative markets for coverage and investment purposes.

Investment horizon
The fund is aimed at investors with a moderate/dynamic risk profile interested in investing in a fund that mainly invests in equity, principally on the European market.
This fund may not be suitable for investors who plan to withdraw their money within less than 5 years.

Company details
ISIN: ES0110256007 (CLASS A)
CNMV Reg. Code: 04601
Tax ID Number: V66043803
Date of creation: 09/04/2013
Depository: ARQUIA BANK, S.A.

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