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We finance your personal and professional projects.

We adapt to your needs

At Arquia Banca you will find the financing you need to carry out any professional or personal project.

Tell us what you need and we will provide all the facilities to make your dreams come true.

Personal financing line

We offer personal loans and mortgages that best meet your needs. Our managers will guide you on the different financing options:

  • Purchase your home.
  • Cover an unexpected event 
  • Purchase a new car .
  • Renovate your premises.
  • Pay your taxes or advance the tax refund.
  • Finance your university studies or your Master's degree.

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Professional financing line

We know how important developing your profession is for you. Whether you want to start your new business, purchase equipment, renovate your premises or finance your studies, we offer you loans tailored to you for:

  • Start your profession.
  • Buy an establishment for your business.
  • Face your cash flow needs arising from your professional activity.
  • Update your computer equipment.
  • Cover any cash flow imbalances.

Solutions for self-employed workers >
Solutions for SMEs >

Made to your measure

We advise you on anything you need. Discover the solutions we provide in other areas that require long- or short-term financing, such as: 

  • Financing for owners' associations, 
  • Leasings,
  • Guarantee line or
  • Public tenders


More information

Financing for owners' associations

Financing to renovate and make improvements to the structure, for energy efficiency works or for updating buildings.

  • Includes Three-year Renovation Insurance
  • Up to 8 years
  • Joint guarantee


Do you need to purchase machinery, equipment, industrial vehicles or cars and take advantage of significant tax breaks?

  • Up to 5 years

Guarantee line

Arquia offers the possibility of opening a fully solvent, flexible and inexpensive guarantee line to professionals that require a recurrent granting of guarantees for tenders and contracts due to the characteristics of their business activity.

We also offer other guarantees and sureties depending on the characteristics of the secured obligation:

  • Financial-commercial guarantee: It guarantees the payment in the trading of goods, of taxes and others, as well as the reimbursement of advances received from the customer for the sale of goods or the provision of services.
  • Economic-financial guarantee: It guarantees the repayment of loans, credit or any other kind of credit facility that the customer may have or has been granted at any other bank.

Public tenders

We offer the solution you need from the moment you decide to submit a bid up to the completion of the work.

  • Call and participation: Provisional guarantees to participate in tenders.
  • Award: Definite guarantees for the award of contracts (technical). Up to €30,000 without the involvement of a Notary Public.
  • Execution: Possibility of disposing of cash by means of our products.

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