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Foreign currency exchange

Focus on packing your suitcase.

Are you going away somewhere and need to exchange currency?

With our online service, buying foreign currency has never been so easy. At any time and place, you can exchange euros, choosing from between more than 80 currencies from all over the world. All you will need is your Arquia card and an internet connection, and in less than two days you will receive the amount you need, conveniently and without having to leave home.

We offer you all these services thanks to the agreement reached with Maccorp Exact Change, the leading company specialised in currency exchange, currencies, transfers, and international payments and charges.

Choose your next destination and bon voyage!

With all the benefits

100% online application process

with no waiting times or queues

All you need is your Arquia card

Choose where you want to receive it
(mainland Spain, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands)

Free, fast and secure delivery, in 24-48h

Very competitive price

competitive exchange rate at the best price

Guarantee against theft while abroad
of up to €1,000 in the countervalue of the currency requested

Free travel guide
choose one from among the more than 45 available

Repurchase guarantee

you can return up to 75% of the surplus currency at the same price as you purchased it

Your currency in 4 simple steps:

Step 1

Select the currency or the destination country and the amount you need.

Step 2

Indicate the delivery date and where you want to receive it.

Step 3

Complete your personal and contact details and attach your DNI or NIE identification document.

Step 4

Pay with your Arquia card.

Exclusive conditions for clients with an Arquia banking card.

The currency exchange service is provided by Exact Change (Maccorp Exact Change E.P. S.A.) with registered office at: C/ Orense 6 8º B5 28020 Madrid (tax ID code: A79182788), which is the party responsible for the execution of the service, as well as for any information/communications carried out in virtue of the service. The currency exchange service only covers exchanges of euros into foreign currency and is available throughout Spain.

  • The currency exchange service only covers exchanges of euros into foreign currency and is available throughout Spain.
  • Possibility to return the surplus currency at the same price as it was purchased (up to 75% of the amount requested within 45 days following of receiving or collecting the currency for amounts greater than €300) in Exact Change establishments. 
  • As part of the confirmation process, the requested amount will be withheld in your account, but it will not be charged until the delivery is made.
  • Coverage provided free of charge by Exact Change: Theft of cash: in the event of physical notes being stolen that were purchased by the client (the Insured Person) using the Arquia Change online service, Maccorp Exact Change will provide compensation up to the amount stolen, with a maximum limit of 1,000 euros. This is subject to the theft report that is filed in the country in which the theft took place being provided, together with the original receipt of the purchase of the foreign currency. The compensation will be paid out in euros and the exchange rate to be applied will be the same as that applied in the insured transaction. This excludes exchanges made into the currency of the Insured Person's Usual Country of Residence. The duration of the guarantee is for a maximum of 15 days, counting from when the currency exchange is carried out, provided that the Insured Person has not returned to their usual place of residence. As a prerequisite for this guarantee to be valid, the incident must be reported within 7 days of it occurring.

Maccorp Exact Change branches

Alicante Renfe Railway Station - Avda. de Salamanca, 1 | 03003

Alicante-Elche International Airport

La Rambla nº 130 | 08002

La Rambla nº 85 | 08002
Avda. Catedral nº 1 | 08002
Sants AVE Railway Station - Plaça dels Països Catalans s/n | 08014

Gran Canaria:
Gran Canaria International Airport - Autopista GC-1, s/n | 35230, Las Palmas

Barajas International Airport, Terminals 1, 2 and 3 - Avenida de la Hispanidad, s/n | 28042

Puerta del Sol nº 12 | 28013
Atocha AVE Railway Station - Plaza del Emperador Carlos V | 28045
Mayor 3 | 28013

Málaga International Airport. Terminals 2 and 3 - Av. Comandante García Morato, s/n | 29004

Banús Port - Muelle Benabola Local 2 | 29660 Marbella

Santa Justa AVE Railway Station | 41001

Av. de la Constitución 16 | 41001
Av. de la Constitución 34 | 41001

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