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We make your daily life easier.

Can we remain by your side?

We want be part of your daily life, your projects, trips and purchases, providing you total peace of mind and security when managing your finances. At Arquia Banca, we put tailor-made products and services at your disposal.


This number indicates the product risk, whereby 1/6 indicates the lowest risk and 6/6 the highest risk.

  • Indicador de riesgo aplicable a la cuenta corriente.

  • Arquia Banca is a member of the Credit Institutions Deposit Guarantee Fund provided for in Royal Decree-Law 16/2011, of 14 October, which guarantees money deposits made in banks up to a maximum amount of 100,000 euros per account holder

Cuentas corrientes

Nuestras cuentas están pensadas para adaptarse a tus necesidades y con ellas podrás realizar tus operaciones diarias con flexibilidad y total disponibilidad.

Además, si eres menor de 32 años o quieres domiciliar tu nómina en Arquia, te ofrecemos cuentas con ventajas exclusivas para hacer más fácil la gestión de tus finanzas. 

More information

Tenemos una cuenta para ti.

Si lo que necesitas es administrar tu dinero de forma rápida y eficaz, domiciliar tu nómina o gestionar ingresos y pagos en cualquier momento, tenemos la cuenta que necesitas.

Lista de servicios más representativos asociados a una cuenta de pago >

Cuenta Corriente

Una cuenta para todo tipo de operaciones bancarias con todos los beneficios de una cuenta tradicional: talonario de cheques, pagarés, domiciliaciones…

Para gestionar:

  • Apuntes y movimientos.
  • Domiciliación de recibos y gestión de cambio de domiciliaciones.
  • Talonarios, ingresos de cheques, traspasos y transferencias nacionales.
  • Operativa a distancia a través de internet y móvil.


Documentos Informativos de Comisiones:

Cuenta Q >
Cuenta Profesional >
Cuenta Colegio Profesional >
Cuenta de Pago Básica General >
Cuenta de Pago Básica Vulnerable >
Cuenta en Divisa >


Cuenta nómina 

Si eres asalariado y domicilias tu nómina en Arquia, obtendrás las siguientes ventajas adicionales:

Facilidades en la financiación de cualquier necesidad a través del programa de créditos 1-12-36, una fórmula que te permitirá disponer de forma inmediata (sujeto a requisitos de concesión de préstamos):

1    Descubierto hasta un límite máximo de 1 mensualidad.
12  Póliza de Crédito equivalente a la nómina de 12 mensualidades hasta un límite máximo de 30.000 €. Condiciones preferentes en apertura.
36 Préstamo anticipo nóminas: equivalente a la nómina de 36 mensualidades hasta un límite máximo de 90.000 €.
Y un seguro gratuito de accidentes de 6.000 € en caso de fallecimiento.

Documentos Informativos de Comisiones:

Cuenta Nómina >


Cuenta joven 

Dispone de servicios profesionales exclusivos para:

  • Estudiantes universitarios que estén finalizando sus estudios (60% de los créditos aprobados).
  • Jóvenes titulados que inicien su carrera profesional tanto si lo hacen como autónomos, trabajando en un estudio o en cualquier otra empresa.

Con la cuenta joven podrás:

  • Financiar tus estudios o el inicio de tu carrera profesional.
  • En el caso de domiciliar la nómina, acceder a un exclusivo programa de créditos y a un seguro gratuito de accidentes.


Documentos Informativos de Comisiones:

Cuenta Joven >

Payment methods

With our Cards you will be able to purchase in stores, withdraw cash from cashpoints, operate quickly and securely over the Internet, and pay tolls without stopping. If are a business, we provide POS systems so you can charge your customers using cards with full guarantee and major advantages. 

Do you need help?
Have you lost your card? Have you forgotten your PIN? How do I activate or block my Visa? What ATMs attached to Arquia do I have closer?

We give you answers >


More information

Do you need a card?

Make your payments in a secure and comfortable way. Regardless of your expenses, billing type or transaction limits, we have a card that best suits your needs.

Visa Electron

  • It is a debit card; the transactions are charged to the associated account immediately.

Visa Classic

  • It is a credit card; the transactions are charged on the first business day of each month, but you can postpone them or spread them in instalments.
  • You can dispose of cash on credit or debit.

Visa Gold

  • It is a credit card; the transactions are charged on the first business day of each month, but you can postpone them or spread them in instalments.
  • Personalised credit limit.
  • You can dispose of cash on credit or debit.
  • In the event of theft or loss: emergency card replacement or cash delivery.

Vía T

  • Payment of tolls and car parks without stopping.
  • No installation required; you just have to place it on the windscreen.
  • Detailed monthly statement: the transactions are charged on the first business day of each month.
  • More information at


  • Do you have a business? We provide POS systems so you can charge your customers using cards with full guarantee and all its advantages.


Arquia offers its customers a network of ATMs where they can withdraw amounts form € 80 at no cost. For lower amounts or for provisions in other ATMs, Arquia will pass on to its customers the cost that the entity that owns the ATM transfers for each transaction. 

List of affiliated cashpoints>

Digital Banking 

Arquia's Digital Banking is an environment that enables you to manage your professional and personal accounts in a quick and comfortable way. From the branch, your home or anywhere on your mobile device.

More information

Always with you.

We want you to feel us close, be by your side every day. Our technology provides you access to Digital Banking 365 days a year with full guarantees.


  • Without going anywhere
  • From anywhere and any device: Laptop, PDA, iPhone, iPad, tablet, Smartphone or mobile phone.
  • Paperless: Your Digital Banking mailbox will allow you to access all your correspondence electronically.


  • More security in user identification and authentication.
  • More control over your financial transactions.
  • In a secure web environment (Verisign).
  • Adapted to the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act and the Information Society and E-Commerce Services Act.


  • Design your virtual office to suit your needs: most frequent queries, habitual transactions, separate query between personal and professional movements, etc.
  • Access all your views and manage all your products in an orderly fashion.
  • View all your transactions and movements and group them by concept, facilitating the management of your personal and professional finances.


  • You can access all the information about and movements in your current products, even those that have been cancelled.
  • See the different contracts pertaining to your products.
  • Detailed information on the situation of your Investment Funds, Pension Funds and Investments in the Stock Exchange.

Foreign currency

If you are going to travel and your destination is outside the euro zone you will need to make payments with the local currency. The forecast is essential to avoid an extra cost in currency transactions, so it is recommended to make the change in your bank before traveling.

In Arquia you can buy foreign currency simply and quickly through Digital Banking, and in just 48 hours you will receive it comfortably at your home.

Discover all its advantages >

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