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  • Self-employed workers

    Don't let managing your finances become a roller coaster ride. We advise you.

  • Self-employed workers

    Are you self-employed? Manage your office's finances in the most comfortable way.

  • Self-employed workers

    We know that you have to deal with unexpected events in your profession.


We make your daily life easier

We offer you products and services so you can manage and operate your finances on a day-to-day basis as simply, as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

And all of this suited to the specific needs of self-employed workers, with indicated products that will help you carry out your business activity in a comfortable way.

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At your own pace.

As a professional you can take advantage of various products and services designed to expedite your daily transactions:

Current Account. 

Business Card. Pay in the easiest way possible.

Digital Banking. You will be able check your accounts and operate at any time and from anywhere.

Manage your Collections and Payments. Charge your customers in a simple way using our POS systems and generate invoice and payroll remittances. You may also generate payment orders.

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We'll help you finance your project

Are you an entrepreneur looking to finance your project? Do you dream about owning your own studio? Do you have a viable project and need a boost to see it to grow?

At Arquia Banca we offer you specific solutions for your needs so you can achieve your professional targets.

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Always beside you.

Do your objectives need an economic boost? At Arquia Banca you will find several financing options:

Credit account for self-employed workers. We provide you a line of credit aimed at helping you face the cash flow needs arising from your professional activity.

Guarantee line. Arquia Banca offers the possibility of opening a solvent and swift-processing guarantee line to professionals and companies that require a recurrent granting of guarantees for tenders and contracts due to the characteristics of their business activity.

Loans. Are thinking about changing computers? Do you want to renovate your office? Do you need help to finance the payment of your taxes? We offer you financing in all of these situations.

Discounting and advance payment of bills of exchange. Obtain financing by receiving an advance on the collection of your sales.

Advance on fees. We advance the fees arising from certificates given in contracts with the administration or fees charged to private customers without having to wait for their due date.

Mortgage for studios and offices. We offer mortgages that are specifically designed for the purchase of your studio or office.

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Insurance for self-employed workers

Because the success of your business depends on you, you should have your risks well covered.

There is a wide range of insurance policies and covers at your disposal that guarantee the security of your business and goods.

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The most comprehensive insurance policies at your reach.

We advise you on the insurance policy that best meets your needs:

Occupation disability insurance, to maintain your income in the event of a disability or severe illness impeding you from performing your profession.

Civil liability insurance, to be covered against possible third-party claims.

Life insurance, guarantee that your loved ones can continue enjoying the same standard of living in the event of death or disability.

Insurance for studios and offices, a specific multi-risk insurance that covers the damage to your work space and your equipment.

Car insurance, cover your vehicle against any unforeseen event that occurs on the road.

Insurance mediated by Arquia Banca Mediación Operator of Banca de Seguros Vinculado, S.A. (C.I.F. A-59697573) and registered office in Madrid, C/Barquillo, No. 6, (C.P. 28004). Registered in the special administrative register of insurance intermediaries of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds with the code OV0080. Accredited Civil Responsibility and Accredited Insurance Financial Capacity according to current legislation. Company registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid in Volume 36954, page 71, section 8, page M-660793. Subscribed insurance agency contracts with: CA Life Insurance Expert, Insurance and Reinsurance Company, S.A.U., Santa Lucia and Pensiones, S.A., Euromaf, S.A. and Plus Ultra Seguros Generales y Vida, S.A.

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Invest in your future

Working for yourself has many advantages, but sometimes it can become complicated, such as when you reach your retirement. 

Anticipate this and manage your savings with suitable investment products, receiving advice in a personalised way.

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Thinking about tomorrow.

We help you plan your future and decide which investment products can be beneficial to complementing your pension. 

Profiled funds*: Adapted to different investment profiles and managed prioritizing the diversification and preservation of capital.

*Investing in Investment Funds can cause capital loss. You can consult the Informative Brochures and the documents with the Fundamental Data of the Investor (DFI) in the official public registers of the CNMV, as well as on our website and offices of Arquia Banca.

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Personalised advice for your retirement: Because we know that you are concerned about your future, we'll help you find savings solutions for your retirement; we have specialised Pension Plans* and Other Savings Products.

*In the following link you can access the files of the Pension Plans and consult the documents with the fundamental data for the participant of each one of them.

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