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We help your company achieve its goals. 

Without further complication

We try and make things simpler for you so managing your business' finances entails no effort. We fulfil your company's needs with specific products and services, tailor-made to its day-to-day activities.

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We offer much more.

We want your business to continue growing; therefore, we provide you with tools that expedite your transactions:

Current Account.

Business Card. Pay in the easiest way possible.

Digital Banking. You will be able to check your accounts and operate at any time and from anywhere.

Manage your Collections and Payments. Charge your customers in a simple way using our POS systems, generating invoice and payroll remittances. You may also generate payment orders.

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Financing for your company

Are you looking for what's best for your business? When we embark on a new project, we seek for maximum guarantees when it comes to achieving success. We help you shape your ideas by offering financing formulas tailor-made to the needs of your company.

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You make the call, we back you up.

We enable you to reach your business targets thanks to the financing we can offer you:

Credit account. We provide you a line of credit so you can access the funds you need gradually.

Guarantee facilities. Arquia Banca offers the possibility of opening a solvent and swift-processing guarantee line to those professionals and companies that require a recurrent granting of guarantees for tenders and contracts due to the characteristics of their business activity.

Loans. We offer to finance your short- and long-term business investments flexibility and tailor-made to the needs of your business.

Establishment mortgage. We offer mortgages that are specifically designed for the purchase of your establishment.

Discounting and advance payment of bills of exchange. Receive advance payment of the bills of exchange your company holds against third parties.

Invoice advance. Receive advance payment on the invoices issued for the work carried out for your customers without waiting for their due date.

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Cash flow management

When there is a cash surplus in our company, we should analyse the possibilities of investing it and yielding a profit.

At Arquia Banca we offer solutions that will provide you the maximum return on your business' cash surplus.

Insure it

We know that each business is unique, has its own particularities and has different needs than other companies. Our insurance policies provide specific coverage for your particular industry model, protecting you against surprises and unforeseen events.

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Solutions to major risks.

We distinguish ourselves for tailor-made insurance policies especially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises that require covering major risks:

Civil liability insurance. Protect your company's assets against possible damages to third parties.

Industrial Risks. Insure the goods and assets pertaining to your industrial business with specific guarantees suited to your business activity.

Fleet insurance. Insure all your company's vehicles under a same policy.

Insurance mediated by Arquia Banca Mediación Operator of Banca de Seguros Vinculado, S.A. (C.I.F. A-59697573) and registered office in Madrid, C/Barquillo, No. 6, (C.P. 28004). Registered in the special administrative register of insurance intermediaries of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds with the code OV0080. Accredited Civil Responsibility and Accredited Insurance Financial Capacity according to current legislation. Company registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid in Volume 36954, page 71, section 8, page M-660793. Subscribed insurance agency contracts with: CA Life Insurance Expert, Insurance and Reinsurance Company, S.A.U., Santa Lucia and Pensiones, S.A., Euromaf, S.A. and Plus Ultra Seguros Generales y Vida, S.A.

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