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  • Retail Banking

    Solutions for your investments, financing, insurance and pension plans, among others.

  • Retail Banking

    Sometimes the best results originate from simplicity. Simplify managing your finances.

Everything you need

With the wide range of Operations and Cards for individuals of Arquia you can manage your expenses and savings in the simplest way, with several options to dispose of your money in the most agile and comfortable way.


  • Current Account: Know its different modalities
  • Digital banking: perform operations from anywhere


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  • Debit and credit
  • Network of affiliated cashpoints
  • Different methods of payment
  • Maximum security in your purchases

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Put your savings to work

At Arquia Banca you will find a varied set of products and services and a specialised management, whichever your savings and investment needs.
Ask us which options best suit your risk profile and we will inform you how to access the best investment opportunities.


You can choose savings products such as Fixed Term Deposits.

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Investment funds*

Diversify your investments according to your risk profile, with our investment funds.

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Pension Plans**

Plan your retirement with the Pension Plan that best suits your profile.

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Financial assets

Invest in public fixed income, variable fixed income or securities. 

* You can consult the Informative Brochures and the documents with the Fundamental Data of the Investor (DFI) of the Investment Funds in each of their cards published on this website, in the official public registers of the CNMV, as well as in the offices of Arquia Banca.

** You can consult all the information, risk levels and the document with the fundamental data for the Pension Plan Participant in each of their cards published on this website.


We finance your dreams

We have the financing you need to materialise all your projects. Change car, buy a house or pay for your studies, holidays, weddings, renovations, etc.

We make things easy for you with our tailor-made loans, specifically designed for your financing needs.

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Insurance for your protection

We enjoy peace of mind when we know that our needs are covered. We are aware of the fact that we cannot avoid adversities, but we can minimise their impact.

Thanks to our insurance options you will find the best coverage and maximum guarantees that will cover your concerns.

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I'm interested, I want to know more.

Ask us about which Retail banking product you would like further information and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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